Chelsie who is better known as The Behaviour Fairy lives in Cambridgeshire, UK. With over 8 years childcare experience in Nursery management,  SEND settings and as a private Nanny, Chelsie launched TBF in 2016 after the lack of support for parents with child behaviour and everyday parenting challenges became apparent. Chelsie has studied child development and behaviour at length and specialises in positive parenting and managing additional needs in the Early Years.

In less than a year The Behaviour Fairy has had a great repsonse from parents and practitioners Worldwide! With Chelsie now being inundated with calls and emails requesting support and guidance with all aspects of child behaviour, she is now working on new, exicitng and accessible support services for the coming year!

Downloadable Packages are available for purchase in the shop section of the website, these cover many different behaviour and parenting topics. They are ideal to support key childhood milestones and for families who would just like some additional guidance to refer to without the need for a consultation. ​​

Consultations can be carried out via phone  or email  to resolve and guide you with basic sleep and behaviour issues such as frequent night disturbances, weaning and toddler tantrums! 

These quick and affordable consultations are suitable for parents, carers and even pracitioners!

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Blog updates are made regularily; giving helpful tips
and advice on a range of topics! If there is a topic you would like to see on the blog you can also email a request via the contact form.

Home Visits are available across the UK and
are specifically tailored to you and your family. These are an ideal opportunity to observe behaviour first hand and guide you with more complex sleep and behaviour issues. You can book a single one off home visit consultation or several to create a bespoke package. Any home visits outside of the UK will be considered on a case by case basis. 

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What TBF clients say...

''Helped me regain control!''

‘We battled the biting stage for far too long! To the point where it turned into rather aggressive behaviour at the age of just three. After being called into a meeting with my Son’s room leader at Nursery due to his worrying behaviour, I decided enough was enough!! I’m so glad we found ‘The Behaviour Fairy’, I did not at first want to admit that I needed advice, but Chelsie made me feel so comfortable. Her advice and continued support over the past two months has helped me regain control, Mum is back!

''I don't know why I thought I could cope!''

When I contacted Chelsie on the off chance after being recommended by a friend, I didn't really know what I was hoping to achieve! I was so sleep deprived, I think I was just on autopilot!!

Within 2 days of contacting I had a full email consultation and sleep plan ready for that weekend! After 2 weeks Rosie had already made huge improvements and most importantly I learned how to manage her sleep and get some of my own!
''I don't feel like a bad parent.''

I have two boys and one with a recent diagnosis of ASD, whose behaviour is extremely challenging and very difficult to watch. Many meetings with many different professionals still didn't give me the confidence I needed to deal with the situation I faced everyday. Chelsie really related to us and although was always professional, felt like a friend who could give me helpful strategies and tips to get me through each day without judgement. Every ASD Mum should have a Chelsie.

​*Please note, unfortunately despite my best efforts I am not a real Fairy! Therefore when requesting my professional support and advice please do not expect 'quick fixes'. Most sleep and behaviour related issues take time, effort and commitment in order to be able to make positive changes. I see babies and children as individuals with unique characters and needs, therefore in my work I do not take a 'one size fits all' approach - Chelsie x